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Teardrop Flags to be DIFFERENT!

Teardrop Flags are portable advertising printed on 117gsm fabric material using a top of the range dye sublimation printing process. The poles are made from fibre glass and made to last! You can choose from five different bases for use either indoors or outdoors. Teardrop Flags are called this due to their teardrop shape. Teardrop Flags are becoming increasingly popular with businesses who are using them constantly to promote events, products and services mainly outdoors. But these can be used indoors to create the same effect.

Like many forms of advertising there are the pros and cons. Teardrop Flags pros outweigh the cons, mainly because they’re affordable and effectively draw attention to an event or place. They are great for advertising and for branding and even large, well-known brands are using them on a regular basis because they recognise the successful impact that they can have upon advertising. The flags are commonly designed for logos as oppsed to communicating a long message - just like most forms of traditional advertising. Get noticed quick!

Extra large teardrop flags

Extra Large Teardrop Flag

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Large teardrop flag

Large Teardrop Flag

£114.00£192.00 Select options
Teardrop medium flags

Medium Teardrop Flag

£99.00£177.00 Select options
Teardrop flag printing

Small Teardrop Flag

£84.00£163.00 Select options
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